Nowadays, there are a lot of language testing systems available in the market where you can undergo the test and prove your linguistic ability.

The ultimate goal to attempt such a test is to go abroad for study, work or residence purpose.

Do you think though that all those available systems are serving the purpose to make you eligible to land in your dream country?

A few of them aren’t even recognized by the government of major countries.

One name, however, always hits our ears and that’s none other than… IELTS!

We may already know that IELTS is an abbreviated form of the International English Language Testing System. However, what we may not be aware of is that it is recognized by 130+ countries!!

Isn’t that itself a confirmation of the authenticity of the test-taking system? You gotcha!

Compared to other language testing systems, IELTS is still covering a huge chunk of the market being one of the oldest players.

IELTS is always evolving as per the needs of current era and continues to serve the purpose of checking and verifying the language skills of individuals seeking abroad movement.

The other reasons of IELTS winning the people’s choice award constantly are as following:-

  • Availability of material worldwide
  • Qualified examiners and evaluators
  • Structured and uniformed evaluation across the globe
  • Non-biased & conflict-proof paper-checking method
  • Frequent tests available
  • No limit on attempting the test
  • Verifiable and accessible only by the approved & authorized educational and government organizations


After referring to all the above reasons, I am sure that you will badly want to choose IELTS instead of any other language proficiency test.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.


Brij “IELTS” Best