As you know, medical masks are irritating. They make breathing slightly more difficult and they muffle the speech. So, you have to compensate for these extra challenges.

It’s already difficult and stressful enough to sit the speaking interview without the face mask on. The face mask definitely gives an added level of challenge.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to make sure that you do the best that you can and get a high band score!

Tip #1: Bring your own Mask:

Invest some time in finding a suitable mask that fits well on your face and you can breathe as easy as possible. IELTS Tests are expensive. Hence, there is no harm in spending a few more bucks and get a medical mask that is as good as possible for you. Look around, Shop around!


Tip #2: Practice the speaking interview with partners using a medical mask:

It’s very important that you have a feeling as to how does it feel to communicate in this context with the mask on. You shouldn’t be experiencing the face mask for the first time while sitting in the real exam. It can lead to some trouble or the other.


Tip #3: Pay attention more in staying calm and cool:

Think as if you are talking to your grandparents. When you are wearing mask, it makes breathing difficult and it leads to making you anxious.

When the person is nervous and the breathing is hampered, you feel even more anxious. Therefore, practice at home with mask and get into that comfort level even while wearing the mask and stay focused.


Tip #4:  Enunciate your words and sentences:

We get a lot of information during the communication from the movement of the mouth. With medical mask, you of course can’t see the movement of the mouth and it becomes much more essential to enunciate the words. Inflections and deflections should be audible enough in your intonation & pronunciation.

Be a bit melodramatic. Pronounce your words really! Use the hand gestures instead of hiding the arms under the table. Make your hands and eyes the substitutes for your mouth & expressions.


I am sure following these tips and practicing them regularly whiling wearing mask and appearing in the next Speaking interview.

Best of Luck for your future exam!

Do comment below to share your feedback/suggestion/outcome/improvement!

Eagerly waiting to read each of them and reply!