10 essential things to remember for IELTS Reading

10 things to keep in mind

IELTS Reading test needs the most detailed information as per majority of students’ opinion. Let’s learn about the key details of IELTS Reading. There are 40 questions divided in 3 sections and you get 60 minutes to complete all of them. Unlike listening, no additional time is given to transfer the answer. So, you will […]

Welcome to The World of IELTS

welcome to the world of IELTS

It is a very well-known fact that IELTS is the first stage to get your abroad ticket! We understand that you are planning to take IELTS test and aim to achieve a band score of 7+. We know how important it is to achieve your desired score, and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve […]

How IELTS is scored?

who are you

Have you ever appeared in a test without knowing how the result is provided? Isn’t it like finding a very important document from the huge bunch without knowing how it looks like. IELTS Tests are also the same. You may know that it is marked in bands. However, many of us may not know why […]