IELTS Writing: Grammar myth busted and truth revealed!

IELTS Writing Grammar myth busted and truth revealed!

While preparing for IELTS, people are mostly concerned about one thing and that is GRAMMAR! Got goosebumps, right? Don’t worry. It’s normal. However, have you ever thought that despite some of the IELTS Aspirants communicating in English in their day-to-day life, why do they make grammatical mistakes while performing IELTS Writing task? The answer is […]

7 Tips to improve your Vocabulary

7 tips to improve your vocabulary

The MOST FOCUSED element of the LEAST PRACTICED module during IELTS preparation IELTS is the key that can open doors of an entire world for you. As per a research done with IELTS Aspirants, the most focused element during IELTS preparation is Vocabulary. However, when it comes to using it in IELTS Writing, the results […]

10 essential things to remember for IELTS Reading

10 things to keep in mind

IELTS Reading test needs the most detailed information as per majority of students’ opinion. Let’s learn about the key details of IELTS Reading. There are 40 questions divided in 3 sections and you get 60 minutes to complete all of them. Unlike listening, no additional time is given to transfer the answer. So, you will […]


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Nowadays, there are a lot of language testing systems available in the market where you can undergo the test and prove your linguistic ability. The ultimate goal to attempt such a test is to go abroad for study, work or residence purpose. Do you think though that all those available systems are serving the purpose […]

How IELTS is scored?

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Have you ever appeared in a test without knowing how the result is provided? Isn’t it like finding a very important document from the huge bunch without knowing how it looks like. IELTS Tests are also the same. You may know that it is marked in bands. However, many of us may not know why […]

Tips for IELTS Speaking Test with Mask-On!

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As you know, medical masks are irritating. They make breathing slightly more difficult and they muffle the speech. So, you have to compensate for these extra challenges. It’s already difficult and stressful enough to sit the speaking interview without the face mask on. The face mask definitely gives an added level of challenge. Here are […]