Hi, All

I believe that people are mostly interested in knowing about what is in there for them. However, if you are accessing this page, it’s pretty much clear that you are out of those a very few special people who believe in knowing the person before investing their money, time or efforts.

I highly appreciate you for taking interest in knowing me!
Let me take you to my journey.


Yes, that was me just like you were once, A CUTE LITTLE BABY!

As I grew, I had multiple thoughts confusing me (like this one)

& contemplating in my mind periodically related to the question “What I want to be?” So, I used to imitate a few ones.
Nehru Chacha 2.0

chcha nehru
Salman Khan - Brijesh Bhavsar

Protector of the realm! Salman Khan!

And the choices kept on changing, TILL RECENTLY!
I worked hard, enjoyed hard, made my fortune & got everything achieved as per the plan at the age of just 25!

What Next?

I am sure that if you have reached to my small world through this website, you would be able to relate to my thought process.

I am on a journey of exploration, open to embrace all possibilities on my way and share with the world.  If you come along with me, I am sure, we will make this a journey full of fun and learning. please sign up my newsletter. You can subscribe by sharing your email address while claiming any of the Free Resources on this website.

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