The MOST FOCUSED element of the LEAST PRACTICED module during IELTS preparation

IELTS is the key that can open doors of an entire world for you. As per a research done with IELTS Aspirants, the most focused element during IELTS preparation is Vocabulary. However, when it comes to using it in IELTS Writing, the results are surprisingly disappointing!

Yes, that’s utterly bitterly true! 😊

What is the use of learning with focus if you are not able to implement it while practicing IELTS?

I get many students who crave to learn new vocabulary so that they can use it in IELTS Writing as well as IELTS Speaking. However, they misunderstand the parameter of Lexical Resources and end up getting less bands than the desired ones.

So that you can avoid this situation, let’s get some information on this here.

This is one of the 4 criteria on which you will be tested. (I will share the details of other 3 criteria in my other blogs)

This criterion is mainly focused on the range and accuracy of the vocabulary you use during IELTS Writing.

Here are a few tips to improvise your vocabulary:

  1. When you are learning vocabulary, learn synonyms. This will help you avoiding the repetition of the same word. E.g., learn various ways to describe the changes & trends for task 1 answers.
  2. Try not to use the same words in the question be it task 1 or task 2. Instead, use the synonyms which reflect the same meaning.
  3. During task 2, you can brainstorm the possible synonyms of the keywords given in the question so that you can use them in your answer. creative for blog
  4. Try to learn word combinations or collocations instead of just one word at a time.
  5. English words usually form a word family. Try to learn all the possible related words. For example, Economy, Economic, Economics, Economical, Economist, etc. Please make sure that you use correct word formation according to the context.
  6. Check your writing at the end EVERY TIME. While checking, you can correct the errors as well as enhance the range of vocabulary you used where possible.
  7. Be sure that you use the less common vocabulary accurately. Remember, you are not trying to impress the examiner with your vocabulary. The sole purpose of using vocabulary is to assess you on the basis on your ability to express and develop your ideas effectively and precisely, not to demonstrate your creativity.

Lexical Resources criterion will not be fulfilled by just learning the vocabulary. Instead, understanding them properly and using appropriately will do the trick.

I trust you will find these tips useful to achieve your desired bands in IELTS.


Please note that there is no shortcut or techniques. You will only improve with practice and persistence.

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